Make Your Yard Beautiful By Picking Desert Landscaping Plants

Pick Only Desert Landscaping Plants

Make Your Yard Beautiful By Picking Desert Landscaping Plants

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Choosing desert landscaping plants is the key to successfully grow a beautiful garden in cities like Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler, and Tempe. Today, we’ll talk about:

4 most common and beautiful desert landscaping plants

You don’t have to be an expert landscaper or a horticulture expert to have a yard full of colorful shrubs and flowers. This is because there are many types of perennial plants that are tough, drought-tolerant, colorful, and need low care.

beautiful bougainvillea red flowersBougainvillea

The bougainvillea is one of the most beautiful desert landscaping plants. For instance, one of the good things about bougainvillea is that it will flower a couple of times in the year and it stays green the whole year.

When it comes to the different colors, you have magenta, purple, pink, and read. Quite beautiful colors, don’t you think? Without doubts, if you plant these woody vines in your yard, it will look fantastic and colorful.

But remember that you should not plant plenty of them since this plant is a woody vine that has a fast growing cycle.

pink oleander flowersOleander

Most common flower colors for these plants are white, pink, salmon, and red. Oleanders are very tough plants since they can survive in even a lousy soil.

Of course, oleander has two of the main characteristics of a desert plant. It can survive to pretty sunny areas and dry soil.

Oleanders will grow pretty fast, but one thing you must take care of is that this plant is poisonous. If you plant oleanders, you must make sure that neither children nor pets eat the leaves or flowers.

20 oleander leaves can be fatal to an adult. We don’t recommend using either the plant leaves as mulch or branches for barbecue fires.

colorful lantana flowersLantana

Lantana is an excellent choice for ground cover, bed trim, or even hanging planters. There around 150 types of lantana plants.

Lantana grows quite fast; thus, we advise you not to plant too many of them in your yard since in a short time they will grow up all over the yard.

This is a plant that flowers pretty much all year. So, your garden will always look beautiful with colors like yellow, orange, pink, and purple.

One of the great things about lantana is that it’s not picky about the type of soil it will grow. The only care that it needs is some watering and trimming.

texas sage blooming after rainsTexas Sage or Purple Sage

There are several varieties, but they all have purple blooms. Some species have silvery-green and others gray-green leaves.

One of the great things about the purple sage is that it is tolerant to sunlight and drought. But if you want to encourage blooming, you can water them regularly.

Well, we hope that when thinking about low maintenance and beautiful gardens, you can choose any of the desert landscaping plants we already talked about. Stay tuned since we’ll continue talking about great plant choices for desert gardens.

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